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Mind Mastery Athletics Program

Integrating Performance and Mental Wellbeing

Tailored for athletes of all ages and abilities, The Mind Mastery Athletics Program consists of 10 one-on-one counselling sessions with Tori in which individuals can work to address a range of mental health challenges in sport such as stress, anxiety, injury and performance related issues. Through a holistic approach, proven psychological techniques and principles of sports and performance psychology are integrated to optimize mental resilience and well-being. 

Key features of the program include personalized assessments, psychoeducation, goal setting, visualization, emotional regulation, mental toughness and mental health maintenance. Participation in this program involves completing brief homework assignments in between sessions that mostly involve applying what is discussed in sessions to the outside world! The program is also highly customizable, meaning the client and counsellor work together to adapt parts of the program to suit the client's needs and areas of intended focus and growth. 

Whether you're a professional athlete, a dedicated amateur or rediscovering your identity as an athlete, Mind Mastery Athletics is here to support your journey. Join Tori in unlocking your full potential and unlocking mental mastery in the world of sports. 

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